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National Mosque Of Ghana

The National Mosque of Ghana  takes pride in its heritage of diversity, open-mindedness, civic engagement and community building. Get to know what makes us tick — our approach to Islam and  all of which shape the character of our community.

The National Mosque of Ghana Complex is the second largest mosque in West Africa, towering above the skyline of Accra, the capital city of Ghana. Congregants observe the five daily prayers and the mosque (inclusive of the courtyard) can host a congregation of well over 3000 Muslims, a significant achievement for those who envisioned and sponsored the mosque. The Jumua prayer is regularly led by His Eminence, Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubut, the National Chief Imam and Mufti of the Republic of Ghana. An elegant edifice to behold, it has an awe-inspiring figure, a statement of the new era the National Mosque of Ghana Complex represents, contributing to the very warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere that the mosque is known for by those who visit and access its many services. 

About Us

Our Mission

To restore the dignity of Muslims in a way that endears Islam to those outside the religion of Islam.

Our Vision

To become the heart beat of Muslim consciousness in Ghana, around which the Umma unites for the good of the Muslim Communities in Ghana.

The National Mosque
Of Ghana Foundation

Get to know the National Mosque of Ghana members, managed from Foundation to ensure that all aspects are well-maintained, so it can continue serving as a symbol for peace and unity in our country.

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One of the better-known benefits of volunteering at the National Mosque of Ghana is the impact it has on community.

Volunteers are the glue that holds our community together. Volunteering allows you to connect to your brothers and sisters, make your community a better place for all, and provide a continuous stream of good deeds!

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (sAAs) said: “Three (things) follow a dead person: Members of his family, his property and his deeds. Two of them return; and one remains with him. The people and his wealth return; his deeds remain with him.”

We are happy to have you and welcome you to help contribute to make your community a better place!

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